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Like a todo list
but smarter

Discover the world's best way to get things done.

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Love this extension!

@Roman K
Business Analyst
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This is the app I was looking for past 6 months!

Software Developer
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Your web app actually helps me focus on the things I’m doing. Thanks a lot! ✨

Developer & Musician
testimonial image

It feels like meditation while working. Great for my creative process.

Web Developer
testimonial image

It is amazing. I personally prefer the calm phase.

testimonial image

It provides a motivational push for work. I would rate it 4.8-4.9 out of 5.
testimonial image

I really like the vibe of the tracks, especially the consistent, long bass tone.

testimonial image

It really reduces the amount of headaches I feel when working.

@Chisom Udonsi
Frontend Developer
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It looks really nice, especially the music. Plus, it helps me stay focused and get stuff done.

Web Developer
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Intuitive app, boosts productivity with curated calming music.

Software Developer


Move from to-do‍
to done

Imagine a todo list that optimizes itself for daily work that feels effortless.

Mixl is building the future of daily productivity.


train your brain
for productivity

Standard music and white noise apps do a bad job of helping you focus.

Mixl uses the science of binaural brain entrainment to generate infinite productivity.




your speed

Project managers help create sprints, but who helps you run them?

Mixl unlocks the science of modern time management for effortless daily optimization.


Save time,
save money

Wave goodbye to costly interruptions.
Mixl handles distractions silently and intelligently, so you can focus.

For High Performing Teams

the science of flow
now for teams

Collaborate and earn badges to celebrate your team's achievements.

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